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tea tasting founder

Hi, I’m Su!

I’m Su, a tea enthusiast, long-term traveler, business strategist, and furry mom of two. 

I’m on this journey to learn the “right” and the “wrong” ways to tea, to ask the “dumb” questions, to hear the stories about people & their connection to tea & to find ways to incorporate it into my life.

The Tea Tasting Club is all about tea & product reviews, tea recipes, and providing helpful tea information.

I will share all my observations, descriptions, and summaries of research findings and facts based on experience, interviews with industry experts, conversations with tea enthusiasts, real-life situations, explorative reading, and recent reports from the industry associations.

What you can expect to learn at the Tea Tasting Club:

  • Tea basics
  • Tea recipes
  • Stories about people & tea
  • Interviews with tea experts
  • How & where to shop tea online

About my story with tea.

Back then, when I was living in Cancun, Mexico, I didn’t know much about tea, but this one thing. 

Whenever I felt like I was about to catch a cold or had a sore throat, I knew that having a cup of chamomile tea with lemon & honey was a good idea. Even though I didn’t know the science behind it, I still drank it every time.

For me, the process was simple: 

  1. You grab a teabag from the tea box (that has been in the kitchen cabinet for months).
  2. You place the teabag & pour water into a cup.
  3. You then place the said cup in the microwave and push the preset 1 min bottom three times. For a total of 3 minutes, and voila! (Why three minutes? Who knows, it felt like the correct motoric motion at the time).

That’s how you make tea, right? 

Well, as a result, I got a scorching cup of tea that I could never enjoy when I wanted to. 

Another example of how little I understood about tea was during a trip to Japan. 

I was there visiting my uncle. When staying at his in-laws’ home, I referred to a teacup that was offered to me as tasty roasted water. Everyone was friendly enough to find it amusing. Even though I was confused, I laughed too and continue to enjoy my drink. 

They would clarify my confusion afterward by explaining that the tea I was tasting was Genmaicha, a blend of Japanese green tea and puffed brown rice. 

Well, as you might already figure out, I didn’t grow up surrounded by tea drinkers or with a strong tea-drinking culture. And still, it would take me a couple of more embarrassing at the time- now hilarious stories to realize how little I knew and how deep and alluring the world of tea tasting is. 

Today I’m not as oblivious as I used to be. I’m currently going through the TAC Certified Tea Sommelier program courses offered by the Academy of Tea.  

However, there still is so much to be discovered. Oh! And I’m particularly intrigued by learning the magic about cooking with tea and how to pair it with delicious treats!