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Best Gifts For Matcha Lovers: 10 Ideas for The Tea Fanatic in Your Life.

If you have a special tea lover in your life that you want to surprise with a thoughtful gift, this list will catch your interest. In this article, you will find 10 ideas for the best gifts for matcha lovers to help you get some inspiration.

By the way, I consider myself pretty special, and I’m a tea lover so, if you don’t have anyone in mind, you still can surprise & treat yourself with some matcha wonders!

About the Benefits of Matcha

You adore its color, its flavor, even the musicality of its name. Matcha stands out for its high concentration of antioxidants, which are 10 times more than that of normal green tea & has become the go-to drink for many tea lovers.

The catechins have a powerful presence in the Matcha, also responsible for protecting cells from stress and the body of free radicals. EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), a natural drainer, helps purify the body and eliminate excess cholesterol and triglycerides, thus improving cardiovascular health. Among the minerals, zinc, selenium, and magnesium stand out, which increases the body’s defenses by acting as antioxidants.

Best Gifts for Matcha Lovers

Best Matcha Gifts For Tea Lovers

1) A Ceremonial Grade Matcha

There are two grades of matcha, the culinary and the ceremonial. Both come from the same plant as green, red, or black tea, Camellia Sinensis, and follow the same cultivation process.

However, plants destined for matcha production are covered for 3 weeks before harvest to reduce the amount of sunlight they receive by up to 75%, which improves their flavor and increases their chlorophyll and amino acid content.

Hand-harvested leaves and steamed for 15-20 seconds to preserve their intense green color. Then they are dried, stems and nerves are removed, and finally, they are pulverized in the very fine powder we know as matcha.

The difference between culinary and ceremonial grade matcha is that the latter comes from the highest and tender leaves of the plant, while culinary comes from the lower leaves.

  • Culinary grade matcha is more bitter, also cheaper, and is often used in pastries, smoothies, etc.
  • Ceremonial grade matcha has a more intense flavor and is preferably consumed by adding only water and/or milk.

2) Mix ‘n Matcha Tube

Bird & Blend Tea Co. is an eco-conscious, independent, human-focused, award-winning, Tea Mixology Company on a mission to spread happiness & reimagine tea! After Matcha became famous, they created many flavors of it. Every matcha lover seeks to try every one of them but buying them one by one can be a hassle.

Whether you’re just beginning your green tea journey or a matcha master, these tubes are great to explore. You are likely to discover a new favorite flavor for yourself!

Each tin contains different flavors of goodness. Recipe card included with brewing tips and matcha info.

“Mix n Matcha tube” offers a variety of matcha flavors. What better gift for a Macha lover?

Best Gifts for Matcha Lovers

3) A Matcha Tea Set of Utensils

The authentic tea ceremony is an elegant and meticulous ritual. You don’t have to dress up as a geisha to prepare it at home but to enjoy drinking a perfect matcha green tea according to the dictates of the Japanese tea school; it is recommended to use a set of utensils:

  • Chasen: also called Whisk. It is a long bamboo brush. Its rigid and fine bamboo bristles are specially designed to stir the tea dust homogeneously without altering its flavor. For its subsequent cleaning and conservation, we recommend simply washing it with hot water without soap.
  • Chashaku: also known as Bamboo Scoop, is a spoon that serves to collect the right amount of matcha, approximately 1 gram. It presents a typical curve made with steam. Once you use it, simply wipe with a dry cloth to remove any remaining dust.
  • Chawan: it is the perfect cup for preparing this tea. A wide bowl, designed to make it easier for us to stir the matcha tea powder. It is usually made of ceramic or clay, and its colors will highlight the intense green of the drink.

4) A Kettle with Temperature Selector

The temperature of the water is a critical element when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of tea. For example, the ideal temperature for green tea ranges between 70ºC and 80ºC, go above this temperature, green tea loses its antioxidant properties and becomes bitter.

For that reason, a kettle that can regulate the temperature would make a wonderful gift not just for matcha lovers but for anyone who enjoys drinking tea. A kettle with a temperature selector is not extremely practical and will serve you for any other infusion like making miso soup!

5) A Book About Matcha Tea

Nothing can be a more fantastic gift idea for a matcha lover than a matcha tea book. By gifting a Matcha Tea Book, they can expand their knowledge about this Japanese green tea & superfood.

No matter what your special tea drinker is into, there are plenty of books on the subject ranging from the history of this precious tea & the traditional Japanese tea ceremony to delicious recipes to incorporate into your diet to the specifics of having your own tea garden you are bound to found the one that will fit in their collection.

But if you are short on ideas here are some great recommendations to help you get started.

Great for: Someone looking for a thorough and thoughtful insight into Japanese tea.

What we like:

  • The author shares his vision of tea production and consumption, which respects the nature of leaves and trees, which applies to all sorts of tea.
  • Tyas Sosen is a true expert in the field of Japanese tea & provides the reader with a perspective different from the mainstream ethos of Japanese tea. 

Great for: Matcha enthusiasts & someone looking to experiment with their cooking.

What we like:

  • The book is organized in sections & each page is complete with a title, explanation, and list of ingredients.
  • It goes beyond being a cookbook; it includes many fun facts, quotes, and, above all, beautiful photos!

Great for: Any tea lover with the slightest interest in reading anything related to Matcha.

What we like:

  • The hardcover of the book is nice enough to use as a “coffee table book.”
  • The material is well researched, wonderfully organized, making it a simple, enjoyable read.

6) Matcha Face Masks

You already know that matcha tea is a powerful antioxidant, rich in catechins, which deactivate the free radicals that age cells.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties that act effectively making rosacea and acne disappear, they will improve the health of our skin.

Also, it protects against UV damage and improves skin elasticity helping to smooth wrinkles.

Thanks to its high tannin content, it will also help us by reducing the production of fat that is directly related to acne.

As you can see, matcha green tea continues to surprise us once again! This time as a skin mask.

7) Blissful Matcha Bath Salts

You come home after a hard day at work, and what better than a bath? Avoid wasting water, but a bath every so often can be considered a healthy treat. Do you usually take salt baths? It is a good way to relax, but this is not its only benefit.

Salt baths are very relaxing. Also, the body’s contact with hot water and the minerals in sea salt releases toxins opens pores, and helps muscles relax; Goodbye to stress!

Salt baths are detoxifying, as, by opening pores, salt washes heavy metals and toxins from skin cells. It provides greater softness and elasticity to the skin and helps prevent and fight skin infections or fungal diseases. It also helps reduce acne, thanks to the fact that the salts eliminate toxins and impurities that cause pimples and blackheads through sweat.

What is better than super hydrating matcha tea to accompany your bath? Bath salts and effervescent bombs based on matcha tea.

8) Matcha Lip Balm

A light, hydrating lip treatment that softens and comforts on contact while providing a velvety shine and addictive green tea-inspired flavor.

Matcha lip balm provides hydration and protection locks in moisture heal chapped and damaged lips, no overpowering smell or taste works while you are resting.

It protects your lips from drying out and rejuvenates them while you sleep. Matcha helps your lips maintain their natural healthy and luscious condition.

9) Vodka-Matcha Infusion Kit

Vodka is in fashion. For years this drink has been the most consumed spirit in the world, driven by its splendid success in the United States. This Russian invention, which comprises water and ethanol, is produced through the fermentation of grains and other starch-rich plants, such as rye, wheat, or potatoes.

The neutral flavor of this alcohol, its organoleptic richness, and its extreme character endow this stimulating tonic with creaminess, with hints of the wheat and barley with which it was made. When tasted, it presents spicy notes and a curious vanilla aroma. Slightly sweet at first.

This all-in-one Vodka-Matcha Tea flavored creation is simple to use, tear open the sachet, empty the contents into the bottle of Vodka, shake, and leave to infuse it for a tasty tipple.

10) Matcha Chocolate

The almonds with chocolate and matcha are an original and delicious way to enjoy these three ingredients that are packed with nutrients. The softness of the white chocolate, the special flavor of the matcha, and the crunchy texture of the almond make a unique combo.

They are a great snack and a great option for a light dessert, both for children and adults. Almonds contain healthy fats, fiber, and protein – Chocolate is full of antioxidants – Matcha tea strengthens the immune system, stimulates the mind, and helps reduce stress.

This flavor of matcha chocolate is much recommended as it doesn’t lose matcha essence unlike those with vanilla flavor.

Final Note:

If you know a matcha lover but don’t know what to give him, don’t worry; With this list, you can never go wrong. Gifts that matcha lovers are sure to love.

Including a wide variety of unique products from traditional matcha utensils to matcha chocolates to munch, this selection is perfect for anyone who wants to prepare, drink and enjoy their favorite beverage in style. That will allow anyone to share their love of tea with the world.

Loaded with originality, these gifts are sure to delight that special someone.

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