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How to Host a Virtual Tea Party: Everything you need to consider

How to Host a Virtual Tea Party? In these changing times, most of us have been forced to explore new ways to go about things we might take for granted. Having a cup of tea with friends is one example. 

For that reason, in this article,  we will look into what it takes & how to host a virtual tea party—today’s version of “tea with friends” in pandemic times.

We will cover 

  1. Theme: How to choose a theme for your party
  2. Invitations: Evites and in mail ideas for your invitations
  3. Venue: Available options advantages and disadvantages
  4. Menu: What will you drink and eat!
  5. Activities: Ideas to keep the party going
  6. Hosting tips: Quick ideas to make sure that everyone is having a good time

At the end of this piece, you will be ready to successfully host your first virtual tea party

Planning a virtual tea party

During this stage, you will define your theme, your preferred digital venue, create your invitations, activities & menu.

Choose a Theme

This is YOUR tea party, so if you’re thinking that you need to be all fancy wearing hats & rosy dresses, you don’t have to.  For instance, you may want to just have a simple two friends sharing a cup of tea while video chatting. Or it can become an elaborate event. This is a space you are creating for yourself and your guests. The theme really can be whatever you want it to be!

When you will be choosing your theme remember these two things:

  1. The fundamental nature of sharing tea with people who matter to us doesn’t change. 
  2. And the most important thing is that we share our teatime in the most positive way.  

That said here some popular suggestions that seem to be pretty popular amongst adults to get you inspired.

Alice in wonderland

Although this one is a  classic children’s story, it also mades for a perfect tea party themes. Wacky decorations like Scatter clocks, playing cards and keys around the room for decorations.

Try using phrases from the book, such as “Drink Me” and “Off With Her Head,” as part of your themed invitations. Encourage your guests to dress like characters or wear a fun hat. Make room for guests to share their stories and impressions of the book or to share a favourite quote from the characters

The seasons

Drinking tea is not just about the health benefits or warming sensation it gives you when you drink it. For a long time, Tea has been a symbolic & philosophical way to treasure every human encounter that will never recur exactly again.

By choosing a season as the theme of your tea party, you invite your guests to celebrate the changing seasons and treasure the time you are having together over a cup of tea.


If you or your guests have a particular interest in a specific culture, you can base your tea party theme around it. Even if the culture isn’t one that typically celebrates tea, there’s no reason you can’t incorporate it

When it comes to choosing a theme the possibilities are endless, it is really up to you and your guests interests.

If you need further inspiration, you can look at the TeaTime Magazine and Pinterest for visual inspiration.

Choose your Venue

Of course, having a platform for video calls is essential for hosting a virtual party


If everyone has an Apple device, then FaceTime can be a good option since it’s free, unlimited and tends to have good video quality. 


For video calls between multiple partners, because it’s completely free, and your guests can use it without needing to download a thing!


Zoom’s free tier allows up to 100 attendees to meet for a maximum of 40 minutes, so if you are looking for more time, consider upgrading your plan.

Create & Send Invitations

How to host a virtual tea party

You’ve decided that you want to host a virtual tea party, you’ve made your guest list, set the venue, date & time.

At this point, you are excited and want to let everyone know about the event, for that you need to send some form of invitation. However, just because you are hosting a virtual tea party doesn’t mean that every aspect needs to be digital.

Even virtual tea parties can have real invitations sent by mail. This can be an opportunity to add that personal human touch.

If you really want to surprise your guests, your invitation can be a small gift box with a special tea and some goodies to enjoy during the party. You could include recipes ideas and have everyone prepare their own 

However, if you want to stay in the digital realm, save those stamps & trees, what could be a better way than to send an evite?

Here are two great options where you can easily create or customize your own evite!


  • Cards are animated
  • Can add background music
  • Wide range of categories to choose from. 
  • Free option available


  • Sophisticated designs
  • Invites for lots of different occasions: weddings, birthdays, parties, business events, and others 
  • You can add your own design
  • Some cards are free, but you will have to pay for the more luxuriously designed invites.

Make sure to include any requests in the invitation — from dress code to activities suggestions. This will help your guests prepare accordingly from the minute they RSVP and will give them a good idea of the expectations you have for the event.

Choose the Menu

How to host a virtual party

Somethings to consider when planning and making menu suggestions for your guests:

  • Of course, the main star of your tea party is the TEA! Make sure that you all your guests have tea at home and that you have hot water ready a few minutes before the party starts.
  • It is useful to be aware of any dietary considerations you need to consider to avoid making wrong recommendations. For example, are any of your guests allergic to eggs, wheat or chocolate? If so, make sure you are including allergy-friendly options in your menu and recipe cards.
  • Generally, two types of sandwiches and two types of sweets make for a decent tea party menu. As a virtual party, you may have to settle for shipping shared shelf-stable things like cookies and have the guest make their own sandwiches from your recipe cards suggestions.

Prepare Activities

Don’t pressure to have to come up with complex entertaining program, a good conversation can be more than enough fun for your tea party. Nevertheless, if you want to add some extra fun to your gathering here is

List of fun games for your virtual party

Hosting Tips

  1. If you want to make a more immersive tea party experience for your guests, you can send everyone a tea sample or sampler pack so you can all try and enjoy the same teas together.
  2. Make the time to speak briefly about the history of tea.
  3. Relax and enjoy your guests while musing on the merits of tea!

Go do it! Surprise your friends with an invitation to a virtual tea party.

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