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The Best Tea For Coffee Drinkers

We’re going to go through some gooooood tea options for coffee drinkers in this article.

Coffee drinkers can all appreciate that moment when the first dark drops hit you, and you feel the robust, creamy taste of “yum”!

It’s the warm, reassuring, soothing sense that everything’s a-okay because you’ve got your favorite beverage–a.k.a., your rocket fuel–in hand.  

The interwebz are full of memes and jokes that suggest drinking coffee is almost a religion or a deep abiding monogamous relationship. Lots of people pretty much worship the bean.

But what about the leaf?

Sometimes drinking coffee just gets well, kinda boring. It also prevents you from taking a step, or in this case a steep, in a different direction, just to see what it’s like.

If you LOVE coffee and want to give tea a shot, the good news is, there are some excellent “bridge” teas that make the shift from coffee painless, delicious and inviting.

Teas come in all flavors, varieties, strengths, and subtle tones.

There are earthy, robust flavors like rooibos and chai. And there are alluring seasonal sips like cinnamon, pumpkin, and even licorice!

Oh, and importantly: you can make the switch from coffee to tea without sacrificing any of that signature kick! a cup o’ joe provides. For the caffeine-crazy, we can maintain our grip on that sweet sort of elixir that will keep us cranking and moving!

Best tea options for coffee drinkers

So let’s get going and start talking about great tea for coffee drinkers.

Grab a mug. Boil some water. Choose your own adventure, and STEEP!

For coffee lovers who enjoy a bold beverage:

Your best bet is to start BLACK: an Earl Grey, an Irish Breakfast, a Darjeeling, an Assam. Black teas tend to be higher in tea than other varieties, and their flavour is as close to coffee as you’ll come in a tea.

Some great black tea alternatives are Celestial Seasonings’ Morning Thunder Black Tea (that’s what we’re going for, right? Morning thunder!), Stash’s Double Bergamot Earl Grey, and The Republic of Tea’s Lucky Irish Breakfast.

For those craving the comfort of a Sunday morning roast:

Anything “chai” is usually an excellent tea to try if you want to not just get by but thrive without coffee.

Numi’s Organic Black Tea Golden Chai is a go-to chai-tea, with a strong and rich flavour profile for coffee drinkers who want good tea.

If you are used to your coffee not merely black but creamy and frothy, you can opt for a comforting chai-latte.

For the health-conscious (that’s all of us, right?), be sure to check out Laird Superfood, the company headed by big-wave surfer extraordinaire Laird Hamilton.

One of the many offerings from Laird Superfood is their Chai Instafuel. This excellent plant-based powdered super drink will keep you energized throughout your day—a fantastic choice for those who are coffee-centric.

Coffee drinkers can also enjoy a chai beverage with the kick of green tea! The always-excellent tea company Vadaham has its refreshing take on chai tea, Green Tea Masala Chai Tea. And unlike some other Chai Green Teas, this one has green tea and chai – so it has none of the icky artificially sweetened taste.

If you want to learn the secrets of preparing a perfect cup of masala chai then this video is for you.

Free Masterclass with Spice Guru Srikant reveals his own secrets for preparing a perfect cup of masala chai.

For the energetic go-getters who like a tea that packs a punch:

If you’re willing to take a few more steps away from the bitter bite of the bean, then let’s talk fruity teas. They’re super refreshing, surprisingly light, and yet still kick you (in the butt) of caffeine you need to get out the door and on with your day.

A fantastic choice is Jocko’s White Tea Pomegranate. It is zesty and refreshing, loaded with 37 mg of caffeine and no icky stuff (it’s organic and non-GMO). It is keto, paleo, and low-carb friendly. So with only five calories in each mug, you can rest assured that your discipline is maintained. It’s also a step above the rest, with its 100% guarantee that you’ll be able to successfully deliver an 8000 lb deadlift after downing a cup of Jocko’s delicious white tea.

For the caffeine-fiends that want to take it down a notch:

If you’re a heavy coffee drinker but want to slow down the caffeine freight train just a smidge, then a step in the right direction might be to try white tea, a light, low-caffeine tea made from young tea leaves.

David’s Tea makes a great white brew called Pomegrateful.

Finally, let’s address the elephant in the kitchen…

For when you need to get things, ehem, moving:

Coffee makes you poop. In fact, many people rely on their daily cup o’ joe to flush out the ol’ bowels. Maybe you’re worried you’ll never poop again without coffee. It’s a valid concern. Luckily, there are a number of tea blends that can rev the engine of your gut and get you moving into the rest of your day.

For daily detox purposes, teas containing dandelion and/or ginger can be very effective. Rishi’s Dandelion Detox and Two Leaves and a Bud’s Organic Better Belly Blend are two worth checking out. If you really need to get things moving, you can try a stronger blend such as Traditional Medicinals’ Smooth Move tea. Please don’t overdo it; this stuff is powerful!

Final thoughts

The great news is, tea and coffee don’t have to be either/or. Tea for coffee drinkers is abundant and available in many varieties.

Maybe you still want to slurp your morning java but are looking for a refreshing alternative to coffee to combat the afternoon slump.

You might dealing with a health condition that is forcing you off the bean for a while.

Maybe you’re just curious to know what life is like over there, where the tea-drinkers hang out. You can have your coffee and tea and drink them too.


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