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What Teas are Good with Milk

Are you a fan of milk tea? If so, you are you came to the right place. In this article, you will learn what teas are good with milk & which ones not so much. You will also get some guidelines on how to decide if adding milk to your tea is a good idea.

But remember these are just guidelines feel free to go with whatever tastes good for you & makes you happy!

To milk or not milk?

For some tea enthusiasts, adding milk to loose leaf teas is simply not done! Some purists feel that it disrupts the tea’s natural flavor, and the unique taste is ruined.

So If you’re gonna add tea to milk, you should choose a robust strongly flavored tea that is simple. This is to make sure the tea taste somewhat survives the addition of milk. Once milk enters the equation, any subtle fis quickly lost.

Milk? Yes, please!

Black Tea

Blended teas like English breakfast or some Assam teas go really well with some milk. You can also use flavored teas, such as Earl Grey or Indian Masala chai. Really, any tea with a strong malty flavor can be improved by milk.

Matcha Tea

We have all probably tried milk tea at some time, however in recent years, Matcha green tea prepared with milk, also known as “Matcha latte,” has become very popular.

This is an excellent option to start your mornings, as it provides antioxidants, vitamins, and all the energy you need to start your day.

This super-versatile option will leave you delighted as it is ideal for drinking hot on cold winter mornings or ice cold on hot summer afternoons. It can also be sweetened with sugar, Stevia, honey, or just taken on its own. It depends on your taste!

Milk? No, Thank you!

Oolong Tea

Drinking oolong tea is a delightful taste experience on its own with nothing added to it. This type of tea has its unique aroma and texture because it is between the refreshing green teas (unfermented) and full-body black teas. Adding milk to an Oolong tea will compromise its aromatic nature.

I would say think of it as lemon juice and milk not mixing together well…unless transformed into a recipe, becoming another creation all together.

White Tea

White tea is a mild, fruity and fresh tea, that derives from the same plant as green tea. Due to its delicacy and subtle flavors white tea is best served as is unadulterated. Adding milk will end up drowning its exquisite taste.

Final thoughts

Finally, I wouldn’t spend too much money on the tea if its going to be tea with milk. It probably would be hard to tell the difference between using low grade leaf versus high grade leaf after adding milk.

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